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Cancer Problem in Ghana SGMC TO THE RESCUE - 17th May 2012
The CEO - Dr. Thomas Pollare

The Sweden -Ghana Medical Centre (S-GMC) has established a multi – million building cancer unit with well equipped cancer unit facilities to help save Ghanaians who are suffering from such sickness.

Although, most Ghanaians who are suffering from such sickness see it as the last point in their lives, the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) for SGMC, Dr. Thomas Pollare, has argued spiritedly  that cancer is not a death sentence as some people are made to believe by sections of the media and the general public.

According to him, the disease is curable but needs an expert to tackle it, adding that, some people who suffer from the sickness in the early stages sometimes seek divine intervention instead of going for early medical treatment.

Dr Pollare, made this known at a press briefing after a tour of the facilities at the centre at Nma Djor, in the Adenta Municipality of the Greater Accra Region. He said death with relation to cancer would soon be a thing of the past with the establishment of the State- of- the- Art Plant.

"We are committed to offer cancer care services to Ghana and West Africa, using the state-of-the -art techniques and methods" he said.
Meanwhile, SGMC runs a comprehensive cancer care facility, aimed at developing a centre of excellence for various cancer care modalities .A Medical Advisory Board has been founded with internationally well respected doctors in collaboration with a local medical team."

The centre operates basic cancer care unit, which includes Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computerize Tomography Scan as well as Consultation and advice to cancer patients.

The CEO explained that the objective of the initiative was at the instance of Scandinavian Care Project AB, based in Stockholm and finance by Global Medical Investment, owned by Swedfund and Elekta, and some Ghanaian Investors.

The CEO who sounded worried over the bad nature of the roads that led to the centre appealed to the government to come to their aid since dust was really causing a lot of harm to the health of the patients and the citizenry around.

For his part Dr. Olof Stahl, an oncologist at the centre said the major challenge was the possibility of having full time Ghanaians Medical Engineers, Radiographers and Radio-Oncologist to assist the facility.

He however, added that the aforementioned problem will be solved in two years times. He said the SGMC has future plans of adding more advanced radiotherapy, basic diagnostic equipment, Intensity modulated radiotherapy, bigger ultra modern Chemotherapy Suit and a 50- bed hospital.
Dr. Olof Stahl, said the SGMC needed the support of Ghanaians, especially the media, to carry the message of good health across the country and the West African sub-region.

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