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For Healthcare Providers

SGMC welcomes overseas healthcare professionals and providers to refer patients to our hospital for medical sevices. SGMC is recognized as a referral center for specialty care, and we have a medical coordination team available to assist in all aspects of case management.

Contact referral@sgmcltd.com

For Medical Tourism Agents and Overseas Representation

If you are interested in referring patients to SGMC as part of a commercial enterprise or are interested in becoming an overseas representative, please contact:

Telephone: +233 244 373759

E-mail address: referral@sgmcltd.com

How Do I Prepare For The Trip

Obtain a Referral Letter from your Doctor

Please obtain a referral letter from your physician who has been attending to your medical condition. This letter should include the following information:

  • Detailed description of your medical condition which requires attention
  • Your medical history
  • Types of medication which you are taking
  • Relevant medical records

You can request your physician to contact us at referral@sgmcltd.com. Your physician may send his referral letter to us ahead of your trip so that we can expect you. Alternatively, you can bring these documents with you and present them to us.

Contact the International Patient Service Centre

Contact SGMC's International Patient Service Centre (internationalpatientsdesk@sgmcltd.com) for assistance on planning your trip to Accra, Ghana. Our personnel can help with the planning of your medical trip and handle administrative procedures to ensure that you have a seamless and hassle-free journey to Ghana.

Our International Patient Service Centre provide a wide range of useful services for international patients including:

  • Doctor's referral and medical appointments
  • Visa applications and extensions
  • Flight arrangements and airport transfer services
  • Accommodation bookings for accompanying persons
  • Language interpretation services
  • Advice on cost estimates and medical financial counselling
  • Private nursing
  • Arrangements for special dietary requirements
  • Religious arrangements
  • Concierge services
  • Emergency care and non-emergency care
  • Air evacuation and repatriation
  • Visitor information and local sightseeing arrangements

Bringing Personal Medicines

You can hand-carry your personal medicines with you if they do not contain controlled substances. Please check with the Health Authority for  a list of controlled substances or seek advice from the Ghana Embassy prior to your trip.

All medicines (especially liquid medications) should be properly labelled and accompanied by a doctor's prescription letter to facilitate custom clearance.